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Tickets to Sedlec sights can only be purchased online or at the Sedlec Information Centre, 279 Zámecká Street.

St. James's Church


Tickets to Sedlec sights can only be purchased online or at the Sedlec Information Centre, 279 Zámecká Street.

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Admission fee

100 CZK / adult

Before visiting St. James's Church

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Tickets and

You can't buy an e-ticket to St. James yet, but you can buy a printed ticket directly in the church. The entrance fee includes a tour of the entire church, including a climb up the tower. Unfortunately our main guide speaks nothing but Czech. However, we do have a text to borrow in both English and German, as well as a more extensive brochure in English for purchase.

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You can take photos and if the photo is respectful and inoffensive, you can share it on social medias and tag us @visit.sedlec. But please no selfies or degrading photos, you are in the Church after all!

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Duration of the tour

The average tour with our guide lasts up to 30 minutes, but it depends on how quickly you are able to climb up the tower and then in turn descend down the tower. In the case of a tour without language interpretation, the length of the tour does not differ much.

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What to wear?

The St. James Church is still an active church and so please wear clothes that show respect for the sacred character of this place.

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How to behave in St. James Church?

A bit of restraint never hurt anyone. Due to the sacred character of the place, food and beverages are prohibited in and around the Church. Please leave your pets at home. Bringing a dog to church is simply not the thing to do here. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the Church. The Church’s interior features are priceless and so we ask that you do not touch them, please. Thank you.

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What if I have a big bag? A motorcycle helmet? A pram?

Our helpful guide will show you where to store your luggage without losing it. We definitely recommend not taking the pram to the church choir and to the tower.

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Max. 30 people, larger groups must be divided due to the capacity of the church. However, we can not fit more than 5 of you in the tower at a time, so we do not take larger groups to the tower. We will be glad if you let us know about the arrival of any group.

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Health and Safety

Although it is not currently compulsory, we still recommend: Climbing the tower is quite a challenge! You climb narrow wooden or stone stairs, that is why we definitely don't recommend this activity for anyone who is afraid of heights, doesn't like confined spaces, is badly shod or has mobility issues. Going up is one thing, but going down is often even more challenging. If our guide refuses to take you up the tower, don't blame him, because he knows what he's getting into.

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You can get into the nave, and you can get into the exhibition in the sacristy of the church, but unfortunately you can't get into the church choir or the tower.


If you are going to St. James Church by car, park conveniently right in front of the church, parking is free.

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Admission fee


Individual fee
adults 100 CZK
seniors / students 50 CZK
children / PWD 50 CZK

Opening hours

May - September

daily except Mondays:
10 AM - 4 PM


weekends and public holidays
10 AM - 4 PM


10 AM - 4 PM
Individually by agreement: