The Equinox

The Cathedral in Sedlec is as many other sacral buildings oriented with the entrance to the west and has its main presbytery in the east. The architects were not satisfied with the simple orientation from the west to the east, they were able to determine the sunset axis and build the Cathedral to reach a unique phenomenon. During spring and summer equinox, the sunset sunbeam illuminates the main altar through the largest window of the church.

This interesting and impressive phenomenon led to an idea to open the Cathedral to the public during the spring equinox to let the visitors to see the journey of spring sunbeam. That was the beginning of an event called Spring Equinox.

We cannot rely on weather as not every year there is a beautiful weather on this day. That is why we celebrate every Spring Equinox event with some musical performance or other cultural experience..

Experience programs

The tickets in Sedlec are not for sale in the monuments. You can purchase the tickets at the Ticket office near by information centre in Zámecká 279. The Ticket office is closing 15 minutes before monuments closing hours! - infocentrum
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